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BlueSphere Social is a social network that provides a clean, ad-free, and algorithm-free environment where you can connect with your loved ones and share posts, photos, and videos. Additionally, we also offer the possibility to create or join social groups of your choice. However, our ultimate goal is much more profound. We aim to create a non-polarized space where human beings can gather, socialize, educate, and rethink our role as a species and what we want to achieve in the future.

We represent a commitment not only to each other but also to the world we share and call home. By uniting and making conscious decisions, we can secure a bright future and leave a legacy for future generations. With a little personal responsibility and a dash of vision, we can shape the story that our children will tell their children.

Something you must understand about conventional (Free) social networks and what makes us different. Conventional social networks are not free at all as they make you their product. That’s why the cloud storage for all your posts, pictures, and videos is “free”, as it’s a small price to pay for your personal information and privacy. I won’t even get into media ownership rights once you upload content but you should read their contracts.  They use your personal information against you to target advertising for their clients. Even worse they have algorithms that control what you see in order to divide and control (polarize) their community (you) as when divided we are pliable, easily impressionable not to mention more profitable consumers. This is an ancient military tactic used by controlling forces for hundreds of years. Children are particularly susceptible to this and need some protection. What do we do when we are unhappy? We shop and click. when all you really want to do is share your photos, videos, and life with friends.

What do we do? We offer the same kind of platform just with no strings, algorithms, or polarizing intentions. Just a clean place where you can share photos, videos, and posts with friends and family, and create and join the social groups of your choice. Your private information will never be sold or used against you in any way. We offer a free version of our social media network with limited media storage and responsible and sustainable advertising as we need to pay for your cloud storage in some way as we don’t profit from your private information. We also offer a paid version that has no advertising or restrictions on your media storage. Just a clean space to socialize. We have a few unique features of BlueSphere Social. Firstly, you are the client and have the right to moderation as we want to create a democratic platform where you have control of your environment. We will also be offering free language classes, local billboards, and ways for you to generate income through selling products locally and educational courses.


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The price for membership is $8.99 per Month.

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